American Spirit
Sun Treat Packing House- Hermosa & Sweet Brier
The community of Lindsay commissioned this mural as its tribute to the heroic efforts of “First Responders” as exemplified by those who served because of the World Trade Center Disaster. Lindsay, like many other communities, felt compelled to do something after the events of September 11, 2001. It was determined the mural "American Spirit” would be appropriate.This mural was dedicated to “First Responders” around the world who give so much for our safety and freedom. Lindsay, like many other communities, felt compelled to do something after the events of September 11th. It was determined that a mural depicting the American Spirit would be appropriate.The City of Lindsay and the Lindsay Mural Committee dedicated the “American Spirit” mural March 11, 2002.... the 6 month anniversary of the tragic event. The dedication took place on Hermosa Street just east of Highway 65. The general public was invited. Over 1,500 people attended!Special invitees included: First responders who participated in the saving of 25,000 lives at the World Trade Center. Personal invitations were extended to each of the three firefighters who actually raised the flag of the world trade center. Also, all local San Joaquin Valley “first responders” who we wanted to recognize.
The Sketch, January 23, 2002...and it's 38 degrees at 6:00 pm... Finished sketch, ready for Wei to start painting... January 28, 2002- 3 days of painting, and it rained!
February 1, 2002- Scissor lift is replaced and the weather was good! February 8, 2002- a human form begins... February 15, 2002- all three are now present...
and our muralist, Wei
February 25, 2002- Lindsay Public Works crew bury "rubble" and weld cable for the American Flag. It was a long day, but all were happy with the addition of
the 3-dimensional elements to the mural.
February 26, 2002- "American Spirit" is complete, except for its "real" flag. The flag was raised at the dedication. February 27, 2002- "American Spirit", as it looked when Old Glory completed the mural. On Monday, March 11, 2002, 4:00 PM the citizens of Lindsay and many visitors dedicated this mural to all the "First Responders" of our great country.