Dr. Annie Bond
Dr. Chiurrazzi's Dentist Office- 133 S. Mirage

The mural depicts Dr. Annie Laurie Bond, who practiced medicine in Lindsay for 42 years. She was well known for her acts of kindness that extended to rich and poor. There were not many women physicians in the era when Dr. Bond practiced medicine in the county.

Dr. Bond started Lindsay’s first hospital and was credited with delivering more than 2,500 babies in and near Lindsay during her practice. She worked through the deadly influenza epidemic of 1918-1919 and a diphtheria epidemic during which she is credited with saving many lives through a campaign of immunization. Although she had retired from active practice prior to World War II, she came out of retirement to assist during the physician shortage which occurred during those years.

Her many philanthropies and her devotion to the Seventh Day Adventist Church were well known. Her philosophy of life was, “Give yourself to the Lord and think of others instead of yourself.”

When she began to practice, she often walked to see patients on house calls but later acquired a horse and buggy which became a familiar sight, often far from her office. Her charge for an office call was the standard $2, but she never bothered to collect much of her fees if she knew the patient could ill afford it.

Dr. Bond died at the age of 101 at her Humboldt County home. The body was brought to Lindsay for services in the Webb-Sanders Funeral Chapel and burial in the family plot in the Olive Cemetery.