Laurel & Hardy
2000- Mike Kohler
Lindsay Community Theater- 190 N. Elmwood

The Up Close and Personal mural allows the viewer to go right up and have a “seat” with these two well-know celluloid characters. Laurel & Hardy are life size, and spaced just so. It is great fun to get a shot with them. They are very appropriately placed outside the Lindsay Community Theater.

Background information by Curtis Easton.
References: Immortals of the Screen- Ray Stuart, Great Movie Stars- The Golden Years- Dovie Shipman

Stan Laurel, 1890-1965, real name- Arthur Stanley Jefferson, from Lancashire, England. Oliver Hardy, 1892-1957, from Atlanta, Georgia.

Stan’s dad was an actor, manager and teacher. At 13 Stan joined “The Juvenile Pantomine Go.” He loved the theater and music halls, but not school. He left the Pantomine Co. and joined the Fred Karno’s Co. as an understudy for Charles Chaplin. His first film was a 2 reeler “Nuts in May” in 1918. He signed with Hal Roach who paired him with Oliver Hardy.

Oliver Hardy wanted to be a lawyer but was asked by a friend to help run a cinema. Ollie said “I was hooked on acting.” In his early films he was an extra, then he played a villain in “Billy West Comedies.” He did not smoke, drink, or use bad words. He also sang in some stock companies. He signed with Hal Roach in the 20’s and made movies with Stan Laurel. The rest is history. Their first movie was “Get 'Em Young.” In 1952 they were on Ralph Edwards’ TV show “This is Your Life” and was the only comedy team ever on the program.

“Sons of the Desert” was a movie but also became their fan club name.