Lindsay Mural & Public Art Society
Perhaps one of the first indications of a Mural Committee in Lindsay was dramatically portrayed by the dynamic improvement in the Community Theater facade, which features Lindsay's first mural.

The north wall of the renovated Lindsay Community Theater is the site of the first of many murals for Lindsay. This is Discovery by Ms. Josie Figueroa.

This mural, again, marked the Lindsay Community Theater as a landmark in our community. That dynamic improvement is what the Mural Committee wanted to achieve; and what the Mural Committee continues to work toward with future murals. The subsequent murals continue to add interest to walls around our lovely town.
But wait, let’s look back at what it took to get that first mural project launched.
To quote former Mayor Saucedo, “Our mural project did not just happen overnight...;” it began at the Chamber of Commerce. At the time, a request was made in the community for artists to talk to the director of the Chamber of Commerce and following those planning meetings, to submit renderings depicting aspects of those discussions. Several renderings were submitted by various artists and the Discovery painting by Josie Figueroa was selected for the theater’s north wall. All looked good. Then, the unthinkable happened.
The 1990 winter brought the worst freeze in California history. The citrus industry, packing houses, pickers, and associated businesses were literally brought to a grinding halt. In 1991 General Cable, Lindsay’s second largest business closed due to the corporation’s decision to move the firm East. Closely on the heels on their closure, Lindsay Olive Growers, Lindsay’s largest business, declared bankruptcy and more residents lost their jobs. There was no extra money in the town to hardly keep the streets clean let alone pay for a mural. That is the legacy of Lindsay’s murals.
A few folks never lost the hope of the beautiful trompe l’oeil scene which now graces the Community Theater wall. And, as time has a way of coming ’round, the Theater Board finally saw the means possible to take advantage of the city's Redevelopment Program in repainting the outside of the Theater which included Discovery, Lindsay’s first mural. The funding was basically through private contributions from local citizens and local businesses. Whew! Over the span of 9 years, the Mural Committee, although in “slo-mo” never lost the fever. Actually, the fever was greatly helped by our city’s unemployment rate lowering to an unheard-of 9% while the rate in Tulare County is 18%. (Unemployment rates hit a high of 57% following the freeze. Fever is difficult in that climate.)
Well, as our former eloquent Mayor Valeriano Saucedo stated in one of his Lindsay Gazette Opinion columns, “The real word on the street is that the Community Theater and the mural are a source of pride and beauty.” And, it’s bringing pride and beauty to the community that is the mission of the Lindsay Mural Committee.
The Committee meets monthly to discuss downtown renovation locations and projects. They also discuss concepts and artists. Current discussions center around funding. Funding is always an issue when fine art is involved. Ah, someday, we’ll say fine art and Lindsay in the same sentence and folks here won’t even blink an eye.
Renovation of the downtown as a service and retail center was one of the Mayor’s Economic Development Task Force goals. Everyone knows pretty pictures don’t make a vital downtown full of commerce and activity. However, it is the icing on the cake that is evolving as Lindsay progresses toward its future business and job expansions.
In the spring of 2006 the Mural Committee decided its name needed to encompass a larger segment of the vision of Lindsay to come. So now we are the Lindsay Mural & Public Art Society.