Roadside Service, Two Bits a Pull
1999- Gary Kirby
Mike Butler's Garage- 301 w. Hermosa
“Roadside Service, Two Bits a Pull”

Tack Hammer is a man in our home town
Nobody seems sure how long he’s been ‘round.

One thing we all know, he tells a great “tale”
How folks stuck in the mud would scowl & wale

Up North Mirage lived one named John Fredricks
He had roosters, hens and raised little chicks

The unpaved street after rain became mire
Here came Model T’s with their narrow tires

Would sink in the mud “axle deep” buried
Wives would get mad, ask why they got married

Then ‘long came John Fredricks to save the day
He'd tell them... “Two bits is all you must pay”

A pair of big mules teamed up together
Would tug on that car in such foul weather

They’d strain & pull while the tires were spinning
Out came the car. Even Mom was grinning

This story’s been spread, now all can behold
Lindsay’s roadside service in rain & cold.

By Mike Butler- November 20, 1999

Mural is 11' in height by 35' in width