The Soda Fountain
2000- Nadi Spencer
Realty Office, 295 W. Hermosa
The Soda Fountain depicts a scene from the 1940’s and gives humor to the days of the soda fountain and ice cream parlor.

When the mural was painted, Doug Aitchison owned & operated Royal Hawaiian Ice out of the building. It was a firm specializing in shaved ice and various syrups. It seemed appropriate to have “The Soda Fountain” painted on a building owned by a firm specializing in a similar product. The current realty firm owner, Mr. Gallegos, continues to support the mural by keeping the light on at night and keeping the landscape in great shape.

It is fun to sit in the entrance of “The Soda Fountain” and have someone take your picture. You will be amazed that it appears you are actually in the Soda Fountain.

The mural is 11 feet high by 17 feet in length.