Troop One
City of Lindsay City Services Building- 150 N. Mirage

“Be Prepared” Donors:

Scot Townsend
Mike Butler
Raymond Figueroa
Phil LoBue
Don Bessey
Frank Baughman
Alan Guire
Gayle Johnson
Bill Drennen
Ken Walker
Mike Jansma
Lindsay Kiwanis - Hal Munter
Bob Tienken
Mike Lenihan
Bank of the Sierra- Mike Lenihan
Art Serna - Art's Custom Cabinets
Serna Family Trust - Art Serna
Craig Tanaka
Mark Mann
Vita-Pakt - Jim Boyles
Vita-Pakt - Paul Gottschall
Russ Kehn

In 1907, Robert Baden Powell was responsible for the creation of Boy Scouts in England. In 1909, Powell was impressed in London when he was lead out of a dense fog by a boy scout who refused a tip for simply doing a “good turn.”
Later, in 1910, he brought the idea of Boy Scouts to the east coast of America. As a result, Chicago Publisher William D. Boyce, incorporated Boy Scouts in America on February 8, 1910. Today, approximately one million boys are involved in Boy Scouts in the United States.
In November, 1912, Boy Scout Troop #1 was chartered in Lindsay, as one of the first Boy Scout troops in California. The first Scoutmaster for Troop #1 was a local accountant, Walter E. Hind. The Lindsay Mural & Public Art Society worked in concert with Eagle Scout candidate, Josh Jones, to complete a historical mural celebrating the history of Lindsay’s Boy Scout Troop #1. This mural was the Eagle Project for Scout Josh Jones as well as his senior project for Lindsay High School. Josh completed much of the historical research and fund raising for this mural. The mural represents a view of some current era Boy Scouts with a sepia photograph of an actual Troop 1 outing in the Sierras back in 1915.
The 8'X16' mural was painted with acrylic paint on dibond sign material by local mural artist Josie Figueroa and is located on the north wall of the Lindsay City Services building. The use of the dibond material and a frame provides that the mural may be moved or relocated if necessary.
Because of the hot weather, Josie is working in her airconditioned studio. Look closely and you will see the black lines of the shapes in the left side of the mural.
The sepia tones are the beginning of images of the background. The open spaces in the left corner will be in color.
Shapes are starting to emerge for the right side of the mural. Also visible are the black lines of the rest of the shapes.
Note the little black and white image taped to the panel. It is an image from a newspaper article supplied by the Lindsay librarian, Deanna Pettus.
Much more detail is now visible. The rocks in the foreground tell the viewer how rough the “roads” might have been.
6/21/2007- The first day of summer and Josie sends along an update. Major additions show in the back-ground and autos. Keep up the good work Josie!
The left side of the mural gets more detail in the background. Check out the dog...
Now we see detail in the two front boys. What are they watching?
Its a campfire! And, the scout standing up starts to show detail, is he helping the younger boys? The boys are building a fire to try to burn through the string and win a competition often held at Jamborees.
Looks like this half of the mural is complete. The standing scout represents the Eagle Scout candidate Josh Jones. The two younger boys represent Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts.
Once the painted Dibond panels are mounted on the frame on the wall the final step in painting is to blend the panel seams and paint the bolts.
Josie stands proud and with a big smile. Her efforts and talent show beautifully. Troop One is finished!