Gallery Park- 155 W. Honolulu Street
The Wildlife mural was a joint project with the members of the Lindsay community and the artist. Colleen Mitchell-Veyna painted the basic outline, then invited volunteers to help with the base coat. It was accomplished almost in the same manner as a “paint by number” project.
Colleen Mitchell-Veyna is a natural, instinctive artist whose work reflects a unique view of her surroundings. A native California raised in the Central San Joaquin Valley, Colleen was influenced by a family with a working interest in plants, animals, and the beauty of nature. Her art expresses the joy she finds in the simplest of settings and reminds us to appreciate the color and scenery around us in our everyday life.
Gallery Park, a community park is adjacent to the Wildlife mural. The former Lindsay Rotary Club donated funds to help defray the expense of the park. Gallery Park is dedicated to Dr. Alan Kuykendall, a highly respected community member.

The mural is 11 feet in height by 67 feet in width.