American Spirit Maquette

When the events of September 11, 2001 occurred,Wei Luan was working on a very large 20' X 180' mural in South Dakota representing the "Land Rush" in America. His special interest is in murals depicting epic events and after he does the American Spirit Mural in Lindsay, he intends to significantly reduce his mural schedule for at least a year, in order focus on the September 11th tragedy. The events of September 11th have stirred his passion and he has several compelling ideas about ways to depict the emotional significance of that event.
The Maquette was presented as the original concept for the mural. The final wall for the mural is a horizontal format therefore, some of the elements have been rearranged. "American Spirit" has several physical three dimensional features that make it very powerful. Limited Edition prints of the final mural are available! Please call the Lindsay Chamber of Commerce- 559 562-4929.

Wei Luan- Mural Artist

His primary interest is in painting murals, because of the strong message that they provide regarding significant historical events. Wei notes that murals are in their infancy in America and that their purpose is to be able to share commemorative events and history with the general public.
The sharing with the people via this public art form is his passion. The decorative aspect of murals is a by product of the commemorative and historical aspects.

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